Roy Lucas

ORSU hosts the Roy Lucas Invitational Sevens Tournament every year, in memory of an unforgettable Jester who passed away on the pitch while playing for his club. We continue to honor Roy’s memory and his legacy with the hard play, camaraderie, and unique spirit that define ORSU Jesters rugby.

The Roy Lucas tournament was a touch rugby tournament from 1995 until 2007, when it was turned into an sevens tournament comprised of eight to ten teams from throughout the Northwest. In 2010 the tournament was expanded to twelve men’s teams, and added a women’s bracket of eight teams.

We look forward to seeing you all at the next Roy Lucas!


The 2019 Roy Lucas Invitational Sevens Tournament

July 13th, 2019 (Men’s & Women’s)

Hosted by ORSU at the Oregon Rugby Center in West Linn was a great success this year with a bunch of really great teams showing up.

Click here to read 2019 standings.

2019: Men's 1st - Washington Athletics Club 1
          Men's 2nd - ORSU Spicy
          Men's 3rd - Ronin
          Women's 1st - Washington Athletics Club 1
          Women's 2nd - ORSU Spicy
          Women's 3rd - Washington Athletics Club 1

2013: Men's Cup - ORSU
          Men's Plate - Salem
          Men's Bowl - Del Ray
          Women's - ORSU

2012: Men's Cup - ORSU
          Men's Plate - Sturgeon
          Men's Bowl - Old Boars
          Women's - ORSU

2012: Men's Cup - Sturgeon
          Men's Plate - Fort Tacoma
          Men's Bowl - Eugene
          Women's - ORSU

2011: Men's Cup - OPSB
          Men's Plate - Eastside Axemen
          Men's Bowl - Eugene
          Women's - ORSU

2010: Men's Cup - Pigs
          Men's Plate - ORSU
          Men's Bowl - Eugene
          Women's - Mudhens

2009: Men's Cup - Tsunami
           Runner up: ORSU

2008: Men's Cup - Tsunami
           Runner up: ORSU

2007: Men's Cup - OSU
           Runner up: ORSU