Touch Rugby


Founded in 2000 by Matthew Walsh, Portland Touch has been one of the most consistent and successful Touch teams in the United States, winning five national championships. Portland Touch prides itself in developing local players, providing opportunities for new and experienced players to grow and develop their skills, and creating an atmosphere where everyone regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age or athletic ability can find a home where who they are honored and celebrated.

Through the years to stay fit for Rugby Season many ORSU players enjoy the game of Touch Rugby. To learn more about this game or to join the summer series, visit our friends at Portland Touch Rugby.

2019 Touch Rugby World Cup

Congratulations to the Portland Hunters and ORSU Rugby Players who attended the 2019 Touch Rugby World Cup held in Kuala Lumpur. With Portland being spectacularly represented at this event with 22 players, 2 referees, 1 coach and 2 team managers! To view final standings for Touch Rugby World Cup 2019, click here.


- Claire Lundy - Women's Open / also plays for ORSU

- Erika Farias - Women's Open / also plays for ORSU

- Justine Wypych - Women's Open / also plays for Glendale Merlins

- Karissa Postula - Women's Open / also played in the Youth World Cup / also plays for ORSU and a number of other youth rugby teams in Oregon

- Lizzie Widder - Women's Open / also plays for University of Oregon

- Molly Luft - Captain of the Women's Open Team / also plays for ORSU

- Valeska Hoath Women's Open

- Erik Mendoza - Men's Open

- Johnny Kopelani Fuimaono - Men's Open / also plays for ORSU

- Nick Cutrell - Men's Open / also plays for ORSU

- Connor Abdelnoor - Mixed Open

- Greg Fillmore - Mixed Open / also plays for ORSU

- Kaitlin Sigado - Mixed Open / also plays for ORSU

- Jesse Stromwick - Men's 30's

- Bill Terrill - Men's 35s / former Portland Pigs player

- Brendan Hobbs - Men's 35s / former ORSU player

- Brendan Robinson - Men's 35s

- Charles Sanderson - Men's 35s / former Pigs player / former ORSU coach

- Craig Martin - Captain of the Men's 35s team / ORSU coach

- Scott Grice - Men's 35s

- Hal Newton - Men's 40s

- Nate Fekete - Men's 40s

- Refs from Portland: Mark Stauffer & Alan McNew - ORSU (Al did not go to the World Cup but was an important part of World Cup training camps in Portland and San Diego leading up to WC)

- Adrian Witte - Portland Hunters Player - is also the Director of Women's Development for USA Touch and is the Women's Open Coach

- Katie Hobbs - Portland Hunters Player - Women's Open Team Manager

- Hannah Mendoza - Portland Hunters Supporter - Men's 40s Team Manager